A look at the top 50 graduates of the United States’ top-ranked computer programming programs

The U.S. has a long and storied history of offering its graduates a college education.

Today, that tradition continues, with a growing number of students opting to take on computer programming as a career.

In 2017, the top-ranking computer programming degree programs were:Master of Science:Master’s degree in Computer Science with a major in Computer Engineering.

This degree requires a major and is accredited by the Association for Computing Machinery.

PhD in Computer Systems:PhD degree in computer science with a minor in computer engineering.

This degree is accredited at the Computer Science Department of the University of California, Berkeley.

Doctor of Science in Computer Programming:Doctor of science degree in the field of computer science and programming.

This is a master’s degree.

Phd in Computer Sciences:Phd degree in computational physics and computer science.

This master’s is also accredited by ABET.

Master of Arts in Computer Arts:Master degree in a field of art or design in the arts or humanities.

This includes the arts, design, architecture, architecture engineering, architecture and design, and related disciplines.

Doctorate of Arts or Doctorate of Science of Science Teaching:Doctorate degree in education.

This requires a master degree in mathematics or science.

Doctoral in Mathematics:Doctoral degree in math, science, engineering, or related fields in a major or minor in mathematics, science or engineering.


D. in Mathematics or Science:Doctor’s degree degree in physics, mathematics, engineering or related sciences.

This may be in a joint degree program.

Doctor in Applied Mathematics:Master program in mathematics with a concentration in applied mathematics.

This is a joint program.

Master in Applied Math:Master programs in applied math with a specialization in applied mathematical or mathematical and statistical methods.

This specialization is in mathematics applied to business, engineering and computer systems.

Doctor with a Diploma in Applied Physics:Master with a doctorate in physics or a doctorates in physics and applied physics.

This specialization is a doctoral degree.

Doctor and Doctorate:Doctor with an academic certificate.

This certificate indicates the student has completed a degree from an accredited university.

Doctor as a Graduate Student:Doctor as an undergraduate student in an accredited program in a science, technology, engineering technology or mathematics (STEM) field.

This includes a doctor or doctorate degree.

Master’s Degree in Engineering:Master in a program in engineering or technology or related disciplines that is accredited, approved, and endorsed by an accrediting agency.

Master (Doctorate):Master’s of Science degree in engineering, computer or related engineering, physics, computer engineering or computer science; or a combination of engineering, computers or related science, computer science, or math.

This type of degree is not available through an institution that has a master of science program.

Pharmaceutical Engineering:Pharmaceutics are the medical fields that focus on the treatment of diseases, conditions, and disorders.

PharmaPhD:Pharma Phd in pharmacology with a specialty in pharmacodynamics, molecular pharmacology, or pharmacodynamics.

This program is accredited and approved by the American Society for Pharmaceutical Education.


Pharmacology PhD:Physician Phd:PhyD in a medical discipline, including pharmacy, pathology, pharmacology and allied sciences.

This program is not accredited and not recognized by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Doctor (Doctoral):Doctorate in medicine.

This does not include a doctor of medicine degree.

Doctoral degrees in medicine and related fields are not recognized.

Doctor Ph.

D:Doctor, MD or Ph.

D. in medicine with a focus in medicine, medical research, or health care.

This doctorate is not recognized and does not have to be recognized by a college.

Doctor who is not a doctor:Doctor who does not hold a doctor’s degree but has an academic doctorate from an approved program.

This qualifies the doctor as a graduate student.

Physics Ph.


PhiPhDPhDDoctor with degree in health sciences.

Doctor may hold a bachelor’s degree or a master with a bachelor degree in medicine or health sciences, or be an associate professor in a doctor and doctor of health science program in medicine without a doctor.

Doctor with an undergraduate degree or master’s with a master and doctorate of health sciences degree is a medical doctor.


PhuMdDoctor with doctorate or doctor.

Doctor without a master in health science.

PhytomedicineDoctor with the specialization in medicine that includes, but is not limited to, toxicology, immunology, nutrition, and allergy.

Doctor has been a member of the Physician Council since 2012.

Doctor has a bachelor or master degree from a college or university with a faculty member or a member on the faculty.

Doctor, medical assistant or registered nurse.

Doctor or registered health care professional.

Doctor is a registered nurse or a nurse

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