ESPN Cricket: How much is a Test match worth? has updated its online match prices, and while it still has a bit of a price war going on with the Indian Premier League, the online service has taken a little bit of the heat off the Indian cricket board.

The service is now listing matches worth $40,000 per game on its site.

The average value of the first six matches on the ESPN cricket site is $35,000, with the average value for the last six matches at $60,000.

This is slightly higher than the current average price for a Test cricket match, which is $70,000 for the first Test match and $70.50 for the final Test match.

This puts the average match at $120,000 in Australia and $160,000 across South Africa.

The average match for the IPL matches in Australia is now $130,000 and $150,000 throughout South Africa, with India currently at the lowest average value in the IPLS, $100,000 ($75,000 + $100 for the Indian player).

However, the service has recently started listing a slightly higher average price, so the actual value of a match is not exactly higher than this, at least at this stage.

This could be because the value of matches has been boosted by a big boost from the IPSL, with teams getting a larger share of the television rights.ESPNcricInfo’s website has also updated its match price list with the Australian Test series, with a few more matches, and a few fewer prices.

The IPL series has been listed for $40 million.

That is slightly less than the $50 million average price that we had seen for the second Test match of the IPCL season last year, but still a big difference.

The IPL was still the cheapest cricket league in Australia, with just over $100 million being spent on the IPFL.ESPN CricInfo has updated their online match price, with some more matches to come.


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