How to get into hockey with a DARE program

The NHL has announced that DARE is a program designed to encourage kids to explore the sport of hockey and to encourage the creation of hockey programs in the communities they live in.

The program was launched in 2016, according to the NHL, and has already received some 2.3 million applications.

It is intended to be “a fun, fun, educational and fun-filled experience for kids and parents,” according to a press release.

The DARE team will be looking for kids to play in their own leagues and develop their hockey skills, with a focus on the North American market.

It will have a full slate of events, including live competitions and a team builder where kids can take part in an official scrimmage and take part on ice.

The goal is to encourage “an open-minded and supportive hockey community that is open to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, or any other status.”

The program will also be a platform for other players and fans to get together to connect with each other, and the team will also partner with the NHL to make sure DARE’s programming reaches a wide audience.DARE’s founder, Josh Daring, says the goal is “to make the sport accessible and fun for all children and adults.”

The DARE website includes an interactive map that helps you find your favorite player, and players can sign up for events at local arenas.

Daring says that the DARE campaign has been in the works for a number of years, but was launched with the goal of encouraging kids to participate in the sport.

“We’re going to start off with a really basic DARE-inspired program in North America and see how far we can push it,” he said.

“I think that the next step is to expand it and really create the Dare brand, so that kids will know it’s not a joke.”

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