How to help the homeless from your house

In a town that has seen a rise in the homeless, it’s hard to think of a more fitting way to help than from your own home.

A new study has found that in some communities, the homeless are the main drivers of the problem.

According to a report released by the National Council for Behavioral Health and Welfare (NCBHW), over half of the homeless in Australia are women.

As many as 40 per cent of those living in regional Australia are either female or live in the home of a woman.

But while the gender gap is widening, there are also other factors that could be contributing to the problem, including a lack of jobs and a lack to access the most affordable accommodation.

“Women are more likely to be in the care system, and to be at greater risk of domestic violence, mental health and substance abuse,” NCBHN chief executive Rebecca Smith said.

There are a number of other factors affecting women and girls who are living on the streets, including low-paid work, lack of education and living in households where a man is the primary breadwinner.

In many areas, women are more vulnerable to sexual and physical violence than men.

Some women have had their jobs cut or even lost, meaning that they may have to rely on other people to pay the bills and food, which can have a negative impact on mental health.

The lack of affordable accommodation is also a major factor in the homelessness problem, as many women are forced to spend money to get a roof over their head.

They may also find it hard to access social services, particularly in the case of women.

The report found that a third of all women experiencing homelessness have been sexually abused, with one in three women reporting having experienced physical violence.

This was a major cause of concern, as sexual abuse can cause trauma, including flashbacks and a feeling of being unsafe.

Smith said that women living in vulnerable circumstances, such as being married or separated, are often more likely than their male counterparts to experience domestic violence.

She said that there was also a higher likelihood of physical and sexual violence among women who have a child at home.

While there are a few programs and services that can be offered to women and children living on Australia’s streets, they are only offered for short periods of time.

NCBW also found that many women do not access the services they need, including food banks, and in some cases are not offered access to medication, health care and other essential services.

“Some of the services that we have for women are not available in a very timely manner,” Smith said, “and we don’t have enough trained staff.”

“If we do not have trained staff and the service provider doesn’t have the capacity to provide the service, it can be very difficult for women to access services.”

NCBs’ report has recommended that the Government take action to ensure women and men living on our streets have access to affordable housing, housing, mental healthcare, social and employment support and support for their families.

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