How to spot the hidden benefits of coding jobs

An interactive map of coding salaries reveals how much each coding job pays per hour of work, a trend that could benefit employers.

A study released Tuesday by the National Association of Software Developers (NASD) shows that those working in computer-aided design (CAD) jobs have seen a 35% increase in salary since the year 2000.

The average hourly wage of CADDys is $35.91 in the U.S. and is up to $50 for those working on a freelance basis, according to the report.

In the United Kingdom, the median salary for software developers in 2017 was £34.75 an hour.

The median hourly wage for software engineers in 2017 rose to £45.50.

A similar trend for other fields of work has also been seen.

A study by the Association of Computing Machinery in 2016 found that the median hourly pay for software engineer was £45 per hour in the United States, up from £27.25 in 2016.

The survey also showed that people with a bachelor’s degree and higher are paying more for their salaries.

People with a college degree or higher are earning more than people with less education, while people with some college are earning about $85 more per hour than people without college.

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