How to tell if your child has autism spectrum disorder?

With the help of a child psychologist and a child psychiatrist, the AP team has determined that about one in five children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are in need of services.

(AP)The AP’s research found that one in 10 children with ASD has been assessed by a child or family psychologist in the past six months, and that about a third of those assessments were done by a certified child and family psychologist.

The AP also found that more than 1 in 10, or 15.5 percent, of children diagnosed with ASD have experienced severe social distancing, such as isolation or other exclusionary behavior.

These children are often not in close contact with their peers.

The other 22 percent of children are in the same category.

Some people with ASD are able to live independently, but there are some cases in which they are socially isolated, the research found.

About one in four people with autism are living with severe social isolation, the researchers found.

About half of these people have experienced social distances of one to two days.

About 25 percent of people with ASDs are in homes where they have experienced isolation in the last year, the study found.

That means they have been separated from other adults, friends and family members, often at their own expense.

About 30 percent of those with ASD live in homes that have experienced exclusion from other social activities, such to the exclusion of peers, social distancers or those who have significant sensory impairments, the report found.

The research also found some people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) who have been diagnosed with severe separation and exclusion, have been able to integrate into their families and communities without the need for intensive therapy.

But many of them have difficulties in learning to interact with others, including social cues and social cues that are not understood.

In the study, published in the April issue of Child Development, researchers looked at data from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC), a nationwide, random-digit-dial telephone survey of more than 2.2 million children aged 1 to 16 that is administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study was supported by the National Institutes of Health and by the Autism Research Initiative, supported by grants from the U.S. Department of Education, National Institutes on Aging, and the National Institute of Mental Health.

The AP is a nonprofit news service that is part of The Associated Press Health Services Corporation.

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