‘I didn’t even know that was possible’: ‘It’s been a blessing’

The founder of the Free Exercise Program (FEP) has shared a video of herself walking away from a program in which she claims she suffered a debilitating injury and spent three months in the hospital.

The Free Exercise program, launched in 2016, is one of many such programs aimed at reducing stress and helping people recover from injuries.

But the program’s founder, Sarah Jaffe, says she didn’t think anyone would be able to do it.

“I didn.

I thought it was impossible.

I was the only one,” she told Breitbart News.”

It’s such a great way to get the body back to its natural state and to get back in your mind, and it’s a really, really powerful way to help the body recover,” she said.

Jaffe said she was training in a gym, and while she was there, she decided to try the Free Fitness Program.

“The training itself is incredible, but it’s the community that makes it so wonderful,” she added.

“The people who work at the gym are so great and they’re supportive, and they really give you the space to work and be healthy and to really learn how to do your body better.”

In the video, which she uploaded to YouTube on Friday, Jaffe is seen lying on a gym floor with her legs wrapped around a stationary bike.

She begins the video by telling viewers that she’s a “freak” for having suffered an injury, but then goes on to explain that she was doing a “fitness class” at the time.

“That was not something I was doing, but I had to learn how I could do it better,” she explains.

The footage then shows her laying on the floor with a towel wrapped around her neck and her hands in her lap.

As she begins to walk away, she stops and starts to sit up, but the towel stops her.

“As I sit down, I have this horrible feeling, like I’m going to faint,” she says.

Jaffa explains she had an epidural given to her at the hospital, but that her heart was racing and her blood pressure was dangerously high.

The video ends with her sitting up and walking away with a smile on her face.

“My life was in such chaos, I had no idea that was happening,” she concludes.

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