‘Programming for Kids’ program launches online

PROGRAMMING FOR KIDS PROGRAMMERS from the BBC’s programming for kids programme, Online rn, will now be able to use their online skills in a way that will allow them to create their own games, learn to program in C++ and create their very own videos, using a Raspberry Pi 3.

Programmers will now have the ability to create games and create interactive content that will be playable on the Raspberry Pi and other Raspberry Pi-based devices.

This is an exciting time for programming, with more than 40 million programmers in the UK using a number of Raspberry Pi devices and more than 50 million using a range of Raspberry Pis running a range that include the Raspberry Pis 3, Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pis 2, Raspberry Pro, Raspberry Mini, Raspberry 3, and the Raspberry Zero W.

The Raspberry Pi community has also launched the Raspberry-OS programming environment on the internet to allow for greater control and flexibility over the RaspberryPi’s operating system.

Programming is also coming to the UK via the BBC Worldwide Programming Network, which is an open platform for all UK-based programming talent.

The BBC’s online programming for children programme is available to UK audiences on the BBC iPlayer, BBC iTunes and BBC iView.

The new online rn programme will launch in April, with the full launch date set for early summer 2018.

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