Share Work Program for People with Disabilities, Employment Opportunities and Training program is a success

Share Work Programs are the latest piece of legislation in the Government’s $30 billion Workplace Transformation Fund.

The Government has committed $10 billion over three years to build the $300 million Share Work program.

Share Work will support workers with disabilities, employment opportunities and training, with an emphasis on those with disabilities.

Share Work will be funded by an Employer Participation Tax Credit of up to $300,000 per worker.

It will provide support to businesses that provide a Share Work experience to employees.

Share Works will also provide support for workers to transition to new jobs and opportunities through job placements, training and job search support.

The program is designed to address the need for skilled, well-paid jobs and will provide skills and experience for workers with physical and mental disabilities to gain the skills they need to move up the job ladder.

“Share Work is a fantastic way for businesses to get their foot in the door and get to know people who need support,” Ms McCafferty said.

This will be a huge boost to the economy.

“This will help employers understand the needs of the people they employ and how they can best support people with disabilities,” she said.

“Share Work builds on the work that has already been done in this region, to help businesses better meet their needs for skilled workers.”

“The success of Share Work demonstrates the Government is serious about tackling the employment challenges faced by Australians with disabilities and the skills that enable them to do their jobs.”

It also represents a significant shift in Government policy and a step towards achieving the Governments Vision for Workplace Innovation.

“As a nation we need to do more to ensure that we create the right workforce for people with disability,” Ms McCormick said.

“We know the shared work economy can be a great way to create and sustain that shared economy.”

The Government has also committed $100 million towards an additional Shared Work pilot project for rural employers in the state of Victoria.

Workforce Solutions and Business Support Australia is supporting the pilot project, which is set to begin in 2017 and run for two years.

It will allow businesses to take advantage of the Share Work initiative, which will be rolled out to the rest of Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

The pilot project will be available to businesses in the greater metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and the regional areas of Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide and the Northern Territory.

In addition, the Government has promised a $50 million grant to encourage companies to create a Share Works pilot project.

Labor has been keen to promote this initiative and has supported the implementation of the pilot.

Ms McCormick welcomed the Government on the pilot program and called for more companies to participate.

I look forward to the Government committing to the implementation and continuing to build on the success of the Shared Work initiative in Victoria, which has been a fantastic investment in our state economy,” she added.

A spokesperson for the Department of Employment said: “Share Works is a very significant step forward in the shared workforce agenda for Victoria.”

The Share Work pilot is a positive start and demonstrates the commitment of the Government to improving the shared economy.”

Share Works will provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities who are already well-represented in Victoria’s labour market.

“This will also help businesses to understand the work needs of their employees, how they will be able to support them to gain skills and training that can enable them move up in the job market.”

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