The new generation of players coming to Italy is coming from a different era of football

This summer will see a new generation taking over Italy’s top flight, with the likes of Diego Costa, Giorgio Chiellini, Andres Iniesta and Andrea Pirlo all set to arrive in the country to boost their domestic fortunes.

The news comes as Serie A continues to struggle to find an identity in the wake of the Champions League defeat, with top clubs looking for fresh recruits, and Italy’s most successful team, Roma, having fallen out of the top flight.

With the new generation coming in, we want to explore what it is that makes Italian football tick.

It’s not just a question of winning trophies, as we see from the success of the last generation of teams.

It is a question about what kind of culture, what kind, what the culture is that will lead the Italians to victory and glory in the future.

We also want to see how this new generation will be able to play together and work together to achieve success.

That is why we’ve put together a study which focuses on the roles that these new players will be expected to play in their teams, and how they will interact with each other.

We’ve identified two key themes in these young players: firstly, how to get the most out of each other, and secondly, how a team needs to adapt to this new era of players.

The most important thing we can do for these young talent is to find them mentors who will be prepared to teach them how to become the best players they can be, so that they can build on the success they have had in the past.

We’ll take the role of coach, to help them build on their potential, and to support them with advice on how to improve and adapt to the demands of the modern game.

We want to make sure that they are able to reach the best possible level.

The second most important aspect of this study is to analyse how the new players are playing on the pitch, in their individual roles and how their team is playing.

The analysis also considers how this differentiates the players from the previous generation.

This study is also an attempt to give a picture of what it will be like to play for the team.

It will give a look at how the players will perform in the short and long term, and it will also look at their relationship with the coach and other senior players.

To get a sense of how the young players will play on the field, we need to look at the results of the past five seasons.

For example, we have looked at the current team and the previous three years.

In this analysis, we also analyse the players who have played since 2011, which will give us a better understanding of how their performance will change when they arrive.

This will also give us insight into what sort of squad will the new youngsters have.

As a result, we’ll also analyse what players will have to adapt and what sort in-depth coaching will be needed to make them succeed in the Italian top flight and beyond.

This includes looking at how they would adapt to new players coming from other countries.

This could mean changing their role on the team, or a combination of both.

For instance, if the coach has an experienced striker like Andrea Pignatelli, it could mean that he will have more responsibility for the attacking players, and a new player may have to learn to work with a more defensive style.

This type of study can also give a sense into the kind of player that is suited to the new squad.

As such, we’re looking for players who are capable of taking responsibility, not just for their team but for their own future.

There are also other aspects to the study, such as the different types of games played by each of the new-look sides.

In the current season, we see two games, a home and away clash between AC Milan and Napoli, and two draws between Roma and Udinese.

We will also analyse how these teams will adapt to each other as they prepare for the upcoming matches.

We have also considered how each side would cope with the demands that these players will bring to the table.

We are not only looking at the performance of the players, but also their attitude, the way they are motivated and the way in which they communicate.

This research will also help us understand how a new team might be structured.

In addition, we will analyse how this study will help us to understand the impact of the introduction of the 4-4-2 formation.

As we look at what the future of Italy will look like, we are also looking at other countries, as well as what kind or form of football will be played there.

For this, we can look at some other countries like England, Wales, and Spain.

Italy has had a strong European football since the dawn of the European Cup in 1951, and has since progressed to the top tier of European football.

There is no doubt that this is a country with a strong history

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