The ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 trailer has a lot of zombie action…but it’s just one part of the show’s epic plot

By now, most fans have probably seen the first teaser trailer for The Walking Dead season 3. 

That teaser, though, was nothing short of amazing. 

It’s a trailer that is as impressive as it is stunning. 

If you’ve ever watched a show like The Walking or The Walking Bad, you’re probably familiar with a trailer. 

In the first season, the trailer was the centerpiece of a television series, and its presence in the show was the main reason fans were excited to watch the show in the first place. 

Now, with season 3, the series has introduced a slew of new trailers and, yes, a new trailer.

As always, we’ve been fortunate enough to have the showrunners (Steven DeKnight and Gale Anne Hurd) sit down with us and share a ton of new info. 

So let’s take a look at what we learned about the season 3 premiere, as well as a few other details that have leaked.1.

The trailer has two new episodes: “The Night Of” and “The Return.” 

“Night” is a standalone episode that focuses on the events of season 2. 

“Return” features a very similar premise to season 1. 

Both episodes feature a new character named Alyssa. 

We also learned that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Alyssia. 


The showrunners revealed that Alyssah’s mother, Rosalind, was killed in a car crash. 

This is a big reveal for fans. 


We learned that the episode “The Gift” will take place after “The Night.” 

This may come as a shock to some fans.

“The Gifts” was written as a continuation of the series, but we’re now being told that Rosalinder will be returning to the series. 


We were told that Aveline and her sister are still alive. 

Aveline was killed when Rosalinda was killed. 

The showrunners also confirmed that Rosals sister, Olivia, is alive and well. 


The “A” in “Return” refers to the character in the trailer.

The “A-L-A” symbol on the logo means that there are currently more episodes left to premiere. 


The Season 3 premiere will be set on a fictional New York City, and it will be “premiered” on August 16. 


The first two episodes will feature some of the most intense and brutal action scenes of the season. 


We also learned a bit about the other characters in season 3 that haven’t been revealed yet. 

There are several characters we haven’t seen yet.

The main one is a man named The Wolf, played by Robert Carlyle. 

He’s one of the main antagonists in season 1 and is also a prominent character in season 2 and 3.

The show will also have two more female characters: Alyssa’s mother and sister. 

Also revealed is that there will be a new villain called “The Black Rose,” played by Carrie Coon. 


Alyssas and Olivia are shown at a memorial for Rosalinders death. 

They’re shown walking together. 


The character of Rosalie is not revealed. 

She is seen in a flashback, but it doesn’t show much of her. 


The second “Night” episode will feature the return of Avelina. 

Rosalinda and Olivia have their reunion and she gives them a tour of the city. 


Avela is seen at a school. 

(This scene was also shown in the Season 2 trailer.) 


The finale will feature a “Black Rose” confrontation. 

Carlyle plays the role of “The Wolf.” 

He is played by Carlyle again, and we learn that he is in love with Alyssi. 


The third “Return,” which is titled “The Last,” will be directed by Andrew Jarecki. 


The premiere of season 3 will be on August 20. 


Season 3 is the longest of the first three seasons, with 11 episodes. 


We are still not sure when Alyssayah will return to the show. 


The series will be available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 


The episode “Return to the City” will feature one of our favorite moments of the entire season: a funeral. 


The season 3 finale will include a cliffhanger that is sure to keep you on your toes. 


Episode 2 of season three, “The Lost,” will air on August 22. 


Season 4 of The Walking, “Gone,” will premiere on September 4. 


Season 4 will feature two new characters. 

Ethan and Alyssya

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