What if the NFL’s $2 billion investment in a new grad program in Oakland would have been better spent?

The NFL’s recent investments in programs designed to help NFL graduates are a major factor in the league’s recent record-low graduation rate, which stands at just under one-third.

The NFL has spent roughly $2.5 billion in the past three years on the NFL Graduation Assistance Program, which provides financial assistance to graduate football players and coaches, including scholarships and other financial assistance.

The $2 million investment in the NFL GAP program was part of a $5 billion package that was announced last month, a move that was widely viewed as a key part of the leagues overall efforts to increase the number of graduates.

The league said that it plans to double the number for the 2018 season.

The NBA also announced in February that it will spend $5 million on the GAP.NBA Basketball has spent $1.9 billion on GAP scholarships since 2008, and the league has made $2bn in annual investments in the program.NBA officials say the league is investing in its programs to increase its graduation rate.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in February at the NBA Awards that the league will continue to invest in its graduate programs.

“There is a real expectation that as we get to the future, we will increase the graduation rate,” Silver said.

The league also announced that it would invest $500,000 in the University of Alabama graduate football program.

The University of Birmingham’s graduate football team was among the NFL schools that were ranked in the top five for graduation rates last year, according to the league.

It was one of two schools ranked among the top 15 in the country.

The program has been criticized for the lack of financial aid to football players who finish their degree and who also have to work full-time as college athletes.

But many experts believe that it is a good investment for the league and for the university.

The NCAA has already spent $500 million on its graduate football programs.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has spent another $500m since it joined the sport in the 1990s.

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