What Medicare’s Savings Program Gets Wrong

Medicare’s savings program is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to its budget projections.

As the Washington Post points out, the savings program that is supposed to fund most of the nation’s health care spending has been spending more than $500 billion more than the government’s spending on everything else.

But when it came to paying doctors and hospitals, the program had to cut $1.2 trillion to $1 trillion from its budget, a whopping amount that would have been enough to pay for every one of the country’s 3.5 million doctors and more than 200,000 hospitals.

Medicare has been able to make this cut largely by using a provision in the health care law that allows it to tap money from its savings program into Medicare Part D. But even with the benefit, the government still has to pay out more money to doctors and hospital systems than it has to hospitals.

To make matters worse, the federal government isn’t even making up the difference.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is projected to spend more than it takes in to pay hospitals and doctors for the full year.

As of the end of March, the agency was projected to have spent $1,819 billion, or $1 for every person on Medicare.

That’s up $1 billion from last year and $400 million from its previous estimate, which showed it spending more at the end.

The agency also missed a key $1-trillion mark in its projected costs for the coming year.

That means the government is still overspending $1 in the year ahead.

But CMS has a plan to address this shortfall.

The administration is going to increase the number of doctors and other providers that are allowed to spend part of their time on Medicare Part B by 1,000.

That would save the government $1 per patient per year, and it would also give Medicare more flexibility to pay doctors more on the other programs.

The plan would require Medicare to cover half of its doctors’ salary, instead of the current 30 percent.

But the savings from that increase are less than half of what the administration said it would be.

For example, CMS said the increase would save Medicare $200 million annually in the first year.

But according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis, CMS would only be saving $150 million in 2022, and then only by $200 in 2026.

That doesn’t include the cost of the increases to hospitals and other non-physician providers that would come with the plan.

If the money goes to doctors, it won’t come out of Medicare Part A or Part B. Instead, the money will go into Medicare’s trust fund.

That fund is supposed in theory to be used to pay benefits to patients.

But in practice, the funds aren’t used to cover the full cost of Medicare and other health care programs, including Medicare Part C, which pays for the benefits of Medicare beneficiaries.

And Medicare Part K, which covers only some Medicare benefits, would not be covered in the plan as well.

The Congressional Budget Office also says that the $1 plan would save about $2 trillion over the next 10 years.

That number comes from a study of the $4.5 trillion spending plan the Trump administration submitted to Congress in August.

It estimates that by 2027, Medicare would save $7.8 trillion by increasing the number and types of doctors that are paid on the program.

Medicare Part G, which is funded by the health insurance industry, would also be protected from changes.

But it would lose $2.8 billion in 2027 and then $1 of that savings in 2028.

That is because Medicare Part M, which does not pay doctors, would get a $1 boost.

It also comes as the Medicare Trustees have approved the first cuts to the program’s operating budget since Trump took office in January.

The cuts would be $6 billion in 2019 and $3 billion in 2020.

In 2020, they would cut $6.5 billion, leaving the agency with $4 billion to cover Medicare Part E. In 2021, they’d cut $5 billion from Medicare Part I, leaving it with $7 billion to pay care for beneficiaries.

The Trump administration wants to use the extra money to pay down the $7 trillion debt it inherited from Obama.

But while the administration has made a number of promises about the budget, it hasn’t said what those promises would look like if the plan goes forward.

The health care plan is currently on hold, and the administration hasn’t yet released its long-term budget proposal.

But if the president’s plan is approved, Medicare will have to balance its budget every year, which means it would have to make some hard choices about how it spends the money that it has already saved.

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