What’s a diversion program and how does it work?

The Indian government has created a diversion strategy to help curb the proliferation of illicit online gaming in the country.

The strategy was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April last year, and is aimed at curbing the illicit use of mobile devices for gaming, and increasing enforcement of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

The Indian gaming industry, which is estimated to be worth around $2 billion, has seen a sharp rise in its usage in recent years.

According to data from e-sports website Gamespot, the number of users on mobile gaming devices has grown from 5 million in March 2018 to 15 million in September 2018.

This is due to the introduction of several new mobile gaming services, which were developed by mobile gaming companies.

This year, Indian gamers started using gaming platforms like Gamespot.

While mobile gaming is widely available in India, the government has been focusing on making the technology available to all.

The diversion strategy, which aims to curb online gaming, has been in place for over a year.

It was implemented in a new scheme known as the “GameStop Diversion Program”, which is part of the Digital India programme.

In the scheme, eligible users can purchase a prepaid mobile gaming card at a discounted price.

Once the prepaid card is used, the card can be used at any GameStop store, which charges a fee for the card, and the users can use it anywhere in the retail chain.

The prepaid card has to be used for at least one month before the customer is allowed to use it, and can be redeemed for a prepaid smartphone or tablet, which costs a lower price.

If the prepaid mobile card is lost or stolen, the user can still use it for one month after that.

A second prepaid card can then be used to buy an additional mobile device, which has to use for at most a month.

The scheme also allows the users to use the prepaid phone at their convenience.

According the government, over 300,000 people in the city of Mumbai and several other towns and villages in the northern part of India have been enrolled in the scheme.

In terms of the gaming industry itself, the diversion strategy aims to reduce the availability of mobile gaming for all, and provide a safer environment for users.

While the scheme has seen many users participating in the diversion scheme, most of them are from lower socio-economic segments.

It has been reported that over half of the diversion participants are students and employees of companies such as Microsoft, Infosys, and Infosanet.

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