What’s in your workout plan?

As the season gets closer, there are a number of things you can do to get your workouts in the most efficient fashion.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best workouts you can find in your gym.


Take it easy and keep it short.

This is the workout that is the most effective at improving your core and your strength.

Don’t put yourself through a workout where you’re going to burn up your body in order to get a workout done.

In fact, this is not the workout for everyone.

The key to a great workout is to keep your heart rate low.

This will prevent you from getting burned out.

Instead, try to keep the intensity low so that you can focus on breathing and staying calm.

A simple yoga class or a quick run will help you to stay focused on your goal.

Try to avoid doing more than a few sets of the same exercises each workout.

For example, if you’re working on your upper-back and are looking for some more work, try doing five sets of five with two minutes rest between sets.


Get the most bang for your workout buck.

This one is pretty simple: If you’re doing a few reps each workout, you should probably do one set of five.

However, if doing two sets of 5 with 15 seconds rest between each set is what you’re after, go with two sets.

The difference is, if your goal is to get bigger, it’s a good idea to do two sets each of five, not one.

You’ll be surprised how big you will get after only two sets!


Be selective.

It’s important to keep things simple.

The most efficient way to get the most benefit out of your workout is by selecting a set of three to six that is about a 20% increase over the previous set.

Don (and I mean, must) choose a set that you’re comfortable with and stick to it.

For instance, if I want to do a cardio workout, I might do one of five or 10 reps with 20 seconds rest.

If I’m trying to get stronger and need to add muscle, I may choose two or three sets of three with 20-second rest.


Focus on breathing.

If you feel like you’re running out of breath, it might be time to focus on your breathing.

In order to stay fresh, focus on doing just one set every 20 seconds or so.

Focus only on inhaling and exhaling and doing a simple exhale as you move through each set.

Remember, breathing should be your goal, not the goal of the workout.



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