When is the best time to watch a live NFL game?

The best time for the NFL to watch an NFL game is a game in which a team is winning.

The other best time is when a team has just lost a game or two, or when they’re trailing by a few points.

This was the topic of a conversation between Sports Illustrated’s Nick Cafardo and Bleacher Report’s Chad Ford, who were discussing what the best times to watch the most NFL games are.

Cafardo was able to narrow down the options down to one game a year: The Week 5 and Week 8 games, which take place on Sundays.

He found that the best games are often the Week 6 and Week 11 games, as well as Week 16 games.

Ford said that these games are “the most popular because you get to watch both sides of the ball play.”

You can read the full article here.

Here’s the full conversation, via Bleacher: Ford: What do you think of the idea of Week 6 vs. Week 9 as the best game of the season?

Cafardo: That would be the Week 4 game.

Ford: Week 4 vs. 9, what’s your take?

Cafardos: I think it’s the best one, because it’s in the middle of the week and it’s a game where you have a playoff team playing at home.

Ford : What is your take on what is the worst game of each year?

Cafards: I’m not sure, but it would be Week 9.

It’s the week after the playoffs.

You have a team that’s down 3-1 and it has a playoff bye.

The next week, they’re down 3 or 4 points and they’re playing a team with a playoff win.

That’s probably the worst one.

Ford and Cafardo also discussed how games on Sunday night could benefit a fan.

Cafard said that the game would help sell out arenas, which could lead to more fans visiting stadiums during the NFL season.

I know the game is coming up in the summertime, so I don’t want to go to an empty stadium, but I can see that as a positive for the stadium and the fan experience.

This also makes sense because stadiums tend to get packed during the summer.

Ford also said that fans can’t always count on the stadium to have the best seats, and that the NFL is looking into that.

What’s your opinion on the best NFL game of a year?

Let us know in the comments below.

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