When Pua program makes videos for $10 per minute

A video producer in southern California says he’s making videos for about $10 a minute.

The project is called Pua.

It is a YouTube program that allows anyone to create a YouTube video for free and then upload it to Pua for viewers to watch.

The creator, Jake Zwicker, says he can make videos for around $1,000 a month, and that he can monetize them to the tune of about $5,000 per month.

Zwickers says he got the idea for the program from a talk by a software engineer at Google, who said that he was struggling to make videos in the time available to him.

He says the program was born from his frustration with what he called the “gimmick economy.”

That said, Zwicks website says he has created videos for people ranging from teenagers to senior citizens.

He also says he is developing a video program for the public, and hopes to launch it by summer.

Zwickers website says that he and his partner started the program after watching a TEDx talk about how video editing could help solve the problem of YouTube’s “gimicky economy.”

Zwiers talk focused on how it would be possible for YouTube to become a platform for sharing more content, which was a point he made in his TED talk.

Zs own video editing software, iMovie, also has a paid version, he said.

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