Which program will get a major upgrade?

By David FarrarOctober 16, 2017 4:09PMThere’s a program out there that is doing more than just saving money for players and fans: it’s also teaching students how to program.

The NFL is using the new program, called the Digital Education Program, to train and certify high school students in how to use the technology that makes up the new virtual playbook.

The goal is to create the most effective learning environment for football players, the league said in a release on Monday.

The digital playbook, which is available to the public at $199.99 for five years, provides students with tools and materials to help them develop and analyze the game plan.

Players, coaches and administrators can also use it to learn from the game.

The Digital Education program is designed to teach students the art and science of playing the game as well as the skills and strategies to win games.

The program, which began in 2014, is also designed to help teachers and coaches, who may have been previously only tasked with helping players learn how to code, develop advanced algorithms or teach them how to better organize information.

The curriculum includes video lectures, online courses and video and audio tutorials.

The NFLPA and NFL Foundation, which supports the program, said the Digital Educational Program will help improve the lives of millions of students.

The development of digital programs, along with the implementation of technology like artificial intelligence, are expected to add billions of dollars to the league’s coffers by 2020.

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