Which programs are getting a boost in funding and which ones aren’t?

By now, the debate over how much funding Ottawa is providing to programming in 2017 will be a heated one.

There’s been much focus on the Liberals’ decision to increase the federal budget by $500 million, but it appears that the Liberals will also be providing funding to the provinces, the territories and the federal government.

That’s according to new information from a program manager with the federal department responsible for programming, who asked not to be named.

“We’re actually going to see the provinces do a lot more,” he said, noting that it’s still early in the funding cycle.

“The funding is going to be pretty good, but the provinces are going to make a lot of money.”

The $500-million boost in spending comes after years of cuts to the province’s programming.

In 2017-18, Ottawa will receive a total of $1.2 billion from the federal and provincial governments, up from $950 million the year before.

“That’s not a very big increase, but we’ll see the money flow,” said the official.

He said the provinces will receive $500,000 more than they received in 2016-17, and the territories will receive more than $1 billion more than it received in 2015-16.

The official said that the provinces and territories will have to meet certain funding targets and will receive funding only when they meet those targets.

The Liberals have already said they’re targeting the provinces to meet their budget targets, and that means the federal program will likely get less funding in the short term than it did last year.

“I think the provinces need to work with us to make sure that they get as much money as possible,” said Deputy Minister of Finance Michael de Jong.

He added that the federal spending plan will not only make it easier for provinces to spend money, but will also help them keep programs up and running.

“They’re going to need to make the transition into 2017-2018 and that’s where it’s going to come in,” de Jong said.

“So that’s the real challenge for the provinces.”

He also noted that the province of British Columbia will not have the same amount of funding as it did in 2016.

The B.C. government is in the process of getting the money it needs to operate its programs.

The province is also expected to see some money from Ottawa, but de Jong also noted the province is looking at other areas of its funding plan.

“What we’re doing is looking to other areas,” de Kong said.

He also said the province will likely have to spend more money on programs that were previously supported by other governments.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that we will see more funding come out of Ottawa.”

But the official said he doesn’t expect to see any new spending for programs that are currently funded by the provinces.

“You can always look at things like the mental health and substance abuse services,” he added.

What is programming? “

And we’ll look at all those things.”

What is programming?

According to the federal minister, programming is a broad term that encompasses programs that involve people with disabilities, such as those with speech and language and hearing impairments.

Programs that are not targeted at people with a disability, such in music, dance or sports, are known as social assistance.

It’s not clear yet what the federal funding amount will be for programming in the next year.

The federal government does not have a specific target for how much it will be paying for programming across all programs.

“In the end, the only way we’re going get the funding is if we all work together,” de Kooning said.

It remains unclear if the federal Conservatives will provide the same level of funding that the previous government did, or if they will make some changes to how the funding system works.

Some have called for the federal to take on the role of the provinces when it comes to funding programming.

The new minister said he is committed to ensuring the funding will be sufficient to meet the needs of the programming needs.

“When you look at the number of programs that need funding, the way they are funded is pretty straightforward,” de Kyong said.

The government is also looking at whether it should provide a separate fund to help fund programs that operate at a smaller scale.

“Is it right that there’s only one program in a province, but there’s hundreds of programs all across the country?” he asked.

“This is a really big problem that’s not being addressed properly.”

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