Why Apple has a $1.1 trillion budget hole

Apple’s $1,001-a-year payroll protection benefit program is a key part of its overall strategy to avoid costly lawsuits from its customers.

The company’s latest round of quarterly earnings estimates, posted Friday, revealed the program had generated $1 billion in revenue for the year, a $500 million surplus from the previous quarter, and $2 billion in interest income.

Apple said it had invested in the program over the past three years.

Apple also said it has spent $1 trillion over the years on employee compensation, including $2.3 billion to retire the company’s 10,000 retirees.

Apple has not released its next quarterly results.

But the company has said it is focused on its growth strategies, as it tries to attract more customers and make more money.

Apple did not say how much its payroll protection payments are worth to it, but it said it expects it to generate more than $1bn in revenue this year.

The program covers employees, contractors, and employees of suppliers, such as suppliers of Apple products.

The benefit is capped at $5,000 a year for most employees.

It is funded by a 2.5% payroll tax and a 10% self-employment tax.

The 10% tax is designed to encourage companies to create more jobs, said Tim O’Neill, an economist with the American Enterprise Institute think tank.

Apple’s payroll benefits are a key component of Apple’s broader strategy to keep employees and contractors happy.

Apple recently introduced a new perk called AppleCare for contractors, which allows them to pay for up to $1 million in medical care.

AppleCare is one of several ways the company is trying to convince workers to stay at its headquarters and stay in the office.

Apple is also working on a new line of software called Siri that will let customers communicate with their iPhone using a voice-controlled assistant.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and his administration, and has criticized Apple’s plans to reduce regulations and taxes.

Apple, however, has been one of Trump’s most loyal supporters.

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