Why are doctors’ offices so expensive?

Doctors’ offices are among the most expensive places to live in the United States.

According to a recent analysis of government data, a typical doctor’s office in a metro area costs $2,700 a year to run.

That’s more than double the cost of renting an apartment.

And it’s more expensive than most of the country’s average price of housing.

For the average American, that’s a whopping $3,800.

But it’s a bargain for some doctors, who often are paid less than that.

The average salary for a primary care doctor is $130,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But that number is likely to be much higher, because many doctors also practice in rural areas.

For example, the average pay for a rural medical assistant is $55,000.

So how much money does that pay for?

It depends on the specialty, the amount of practice that a doctor has and the size of the practice.

Primary care doctors generally earn a median of $132,000 in the private sector, according a 2014 analysis by the American Medical Association.

They earn that in part by working in rural and small-town settings.

They typically work in a smaller office than other doctors, which means they are often more flexible and able to shift to another location for certain tasks.

That flexibility and flexibility also means doctors have to make fewer appointments and do more work.

For rural medical assistants, that means working in a remote, rural office, which also means fewer hours per day.

Rural doctors, on the other hand, tend to work fewer hours, and they work fewer days.

Rural health care practitioners are also more likely to work in underserved areas.

They are less likely to have family members working at the same location.

Rural medical assistants also tend to spend less time on routine tasks like cleaning and medical paperwork.

So rural doctors’ salaries tend to be lower than average, especially in comparison to rural medical offices.

But the practice of medicine is still a big business in rural America.

It employs more than 40 million people and generates $1.5 trillion in annual revenue, according the National Association of Rural Health Systems.

A study released by the Center for Rural Health Policy found that the average rural doctor earns an average of $121,000 a year.

But if you take into account the cost for the practice itself and the cost to the public, rural physicians earn an average salary of $1,084 a year in the most rural parts of the U.S. It’s also important to note that rural doctors often do more patient care than other physicians, especially when they’re working on weekends.

The practice of medical care is often seen as an important service, and it’s also often seen by many people as a source of income for the rural community.

That can be especially true in areas where a large percentage of the population lives in poverty.

But in some rural communities, that is not the case.

And as a result, many rural doctors have a harder time making ends meet.

For a rural doctor, that can mean a lot of overtime.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that rural physicians spend more than two hours a day working on a medical case, which is the equivalent of two full days a week.

That is the same amount of time a typical urban doctor spends on a similar case.

That means that rural medical office work is a bigger burden on the doctor’s pocketbook than the office work itself.

If rural doctors had more time to practice, they could get more training and help with office work.

But doctors do have a few other benefits.

Rural hospitals often have the same type of doctors, and there is less turnover among them, so there’s less chance for a doctor to leave the practice to become a primary or specialty care doctor.

So the rural doctor’s health care needs are always being met, regardless of whether they work full-time or part-time.

It also allows rural doctors to focus more on their work, as they’re more likely than urban doctors to stay home with their families.

But as the number of doctors and hospitals grows, so do the costs.

In 2015, the Bureau for Justice Statistics reported that the cost per physician for a practice of 5,000 square feet (4,000 sq. ft.) rose from $8,742 in 2012 to $10,932 in 2014.

And in 2015, a rural practice of 1,200 square feet was listed at $3.9 million.

That represents an average increase of nearly $1 million a year over the past decade.

Rural healthcare costs have been increasing steadily since 2011, when the Bureau reported that there were 1.6 million fewer rural doctors than rural hospitals.

But those numbers have dropped since then.

In 2014, a study by the University of Minnesota looked at the health care costs for 5.7 million U.K. adults.

That included the costs for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, and the costs of prescription drugs and other treatments

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